Do I Need a Water Softener in Sacramento - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
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Housing Development

Purifyx Cares

Our marketing team leader Brandon loves leading the team in trash clean-up projects. We love our community and we organize a monthly trash clean-up. We hope to help every neighborhood enjoy clean streets and clean water!

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 Our Story

We really appreciate the great people that help participate in keeping our streets free of trash and construction debris. We hope to inspire more people to help keep our city clean! If anyone would like to participate feel free to reach out. 


To help get involved in our trash clean up project please call, text, or email us!



Rubbish Removal

We hope to inspire the next generation to participate in volunteer work

Group of Asian picking up trash in a park

We will try our best to keep as many communities free of garbage 

We love to give back to the communities that we are connected to.

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